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Апартаменты в La Marina

Новострой | Апартаменты
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Private residential area formed by 2 bedroom apartments located in a unique location in La Marina-El Pinet, just 800 meters from the beach.

The houses have a garden or terrace, being also possible enjoy of solarium in the penthouse floors. Its location by the Mediterranean Sea and the natural landscape of Las Lagunas, make it a unique place to live surrounded by nature and all the amenities you could need. In addition, you can enjoy common areas with pool.

La Marina is located in the south of the province of Alicante, with an excellent location just 20 minutes from the International Airport of El Altet and over 12 kilometers of beaches, bordered by a protected natural park. In the north of La Marina, we find El Pinet, which has two protected areas: on one hand, an extension of the pine forest of Guardamar, which ends in this area; on the other, the beginning of the salt mines of Santa Pola. El Pinet is well-known for its fantastic beach of almost 2 km of white and fine sand, with its houses by the sea, converted into restaurants and hostels. The attraction of the area is completed by the balance between nature and leisure, to preserve the tranquility of the environment, and at the same time, be well connected with Alicante and Elche.

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